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When the Chimps come to camp!

23 October 2016

Party Time for the moment at Greystoke Mahale! The last 2 weeks have been so epic here! The reason is that our Forest Water-berry Tree just in front of the office is fruiting, but also the Fig Tree just beside one of our bungalows and some of our Mango Trees close to the beach! And such fun it can be! Here Teddy's just been visiting the bungalow, checking the housekeeping works.

What a great time for our guests, no need for hiking up the mountains, the show happens right there at the morning call!

Here again "Teddy" boy eating, yes elegantly, the water-berry fruits.

What a fig-feast for our lady "Phone"

A little refreshing drink from our bucket

And then of course a little chat while we digest!

Such a happy time isn't it Fanana?! 7, 9, 12 even 20 visiting us every day! So fantastic; Greystoke Mahale is for sure the place to be for the moment!

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