Where time is non-existent

15 January 2012

“Honey, what time did you say it is...?”

“It’s 1200 BC my dear”

Drive out a slight bit from Lamai Serengeti, or look out towards the north and east as you stand in your room on our kopje. We do guarantee you will have all the views you have ever wished for.

And even more than that.

Endless grassy plains keep rolling further only to meet distant mountain ranges that dot the far horizon. Views here reach up to anywhere between 60 and 80 km.

So striking and yet so unbelievable is the vast empty space that lies at your feet. Beautiful and wild as it has been ever before.

Now if you have managed to grasp all that, let us add someother unique qualities of this untouched place.

Herds of wild beasts roam these plains. No man made structures are in sight – anywhere. Night skies are littered with constellations and the moon can be as bright as you have never seen before.

Amongst all that nature, just a handful of lucky human beings that take the effort to visit this place. No masses, no lines of vehicles – only outright adventure.

Few places can capture that pre historic feeling. And even less, can make it come alive.

Meet you in Lamai Serengeti!

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