Conservation & environment

Who am I…

01 November 2018

…white ears, long white whiskers and a long, red tail with a black tip, that would be me.

My name is Payaso and I live in the forest of the Mahale Mountains, my home are the oil palms, the water-berry tree and all the other beautiful, indigenous trees and bushes around the back of house at Greystoke Mahale. I live a bachelor life and love my territory. Sometimes, I have to defend it against another male who comes rooming around, but I am in good shape, strong and fast, so he is not really a thread to me. Of course females are welcome, but I don’t want to move just because of the ladies, I really do like my home! So I spend my days up in the trees, keeping an eye on the busy life in camp. Sometimes, I share the place with the Vervet monkeys. It is not too bad, and if they are in a good mood and I am really nice to them, I even get a bit of grooming. Not that same as from a Red-tailed Lady, but I won’t be too demanding and it is nice to get a little scratch on the back every now and then.. I seem to be quite popular in camp and often see a camera pointing in my direction. I start to enjoy the special attention and sit still for a while so that they can get their pictures. And can I blame them? I mean, look at me, I am a pretty handsome chap, don’t you think?

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