Enhancing Lives

Wild for Learning at Greystoke

09 March 2012

Today 18 students and 1 teacher from local secondary schools came to visit Greystoke, Mahale to spend the day chimp trekking with our Nomad guides. This is a yearly project we have in order to try and teach the kids about the chimpanzees as well as their habitat. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for all, the students go back to their class mates and have to do a small talk on what they learnt and saw.

The students heading off into the forest.

All visitors to Mahale National Park have to wear face masks so as not to transfer any human germs or bugs to the Chimpanzees

In the Greystoke mess. Unfortunately it was a grey and wet day out for the students, however they did at least get to see a chimpanzee, many for the first time!

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