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Wildies back in Ndutu, and a guest appearance

21 February 2015

The calving started early this year in mid January after the rains came in big and beautiful over Christmas and the first half of January. It then dried up quickly, and large herds moved to Kusini/Maswa and even further.

It has now started raining again and the wildebeest are pouring back into Ndutu in their thousands, our camp in Moru had wildebeest passing right through camp for 3 days solid - all are on the move towards Ndutu! A lot of them are also coming back from the Kusini/Maswa area. So Ndutu is pumping with Migration right now, and will be more so as they all arrive over the next days.

We have some fantastic pictures sent in by Nomad guide Ian Kiwelu of the herds around Big Marsh, and also a special migration supplement from Nomad guide Nathan Lasaru who had the good fortune to witness courting honey badgers...and THAT certainly doesn't happen every day!

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