Serengeti Safari Camp

Word on the Migration..from Rowland

17 August 2011

who has just stopped by after being out on safari at Serengeti Safari Camp with his guests.

"We were up by the Mara River, watching the crossings, Kogatende area...but I'm not telling you exactly where as it's a secret, as I can still take my guests there and not see any other cars!!!!"

Your secret is totally safe with me, I assured him.

"We saw about 300 wildebeest crossing, and I'm not exaggerating but at least 100 perished. Honestly. There were in such a panic to cross, there were lines of them trampling over other ones. It was very dramatic but not so easy to watch. We also saw a Tawny Eagle diving down, right next to where we were driving, and it grabbed a grass snake and took it back up to the tree; my guests were amazed it happened so close to the car".

And with that, he grabbed his next safari file and headed off out again with a smile.

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