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N. Fletcher

Review for entamanu-private

Incredible Experience Staying

It doesn’t get better than Entamanu! The service, the food, everything is top notch! Absolutely incredible experience staying here! 12/10!!

D. Fletcher

Review for entamanu-private

Most Amazing Time

Such a special place we truly had the most amazing time. The staff is wonderful and so helpful. The food is outstanding and we just could not have asked for anything better.

D. Dixon

Review for entamanu-private

Fantastic Place, Great Service

Fantastic place with great service. Do not miss it

S. Eglin

Review for entamanu-private

Wonderful Place to Stay

This is a wonderful place to stay. The staff are friendly, the food is delicious, and everyone at the resort wants you to have a great stay.

J. Allen

Review for entamanu-private

Exceptional Activities and Sights

Entamanu was amazing. The staff were so helpful and friendly. Food was great and the activities and sights were exceptional. 100% would recommend.

A. Rauch & J. Blum

Review for entamanu-private

Journey in Paradise

Beginning with a warm welcome and a first drink at the wonderful main building your journey in paradise just started…
The wildlife and also the scenery is just amazing. Do not even consider to skip the chance to visit a authentical masai village.
The Food and also the service back at the lodge ist ...

A. Riemer

Review for entamanu-private

Magical Taste of Wildlife

If you are looking for a magical taste of the pristine wildlife in the Ngorongoro caldera, while experiencing the utmost in well-equipped camping amenities, you can do no better than to choose Entamanu. The service there is impeccably courteous, the food delicious, with a chance to meet interesting...

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