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S. Witz

Review for greystoke

Incredibly Special Place

Gosh where do I start - from the minute you touch down at the airstrip you know you have arrived at a very special place. The staff are too - attentive, genuinely hospitable. The chimps counter is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s just magical - there aren’t words to explain how incredi...

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W. McDavid

Review for greystoke

Experience of a Lifetime

Coming to Greystoke to meet the chimpanzees was an experience of a lifetime. Everything was absolutely perfect. Amazing lodge, staff, cabins, food, views and wildlife. Will definitely come back again.

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P. G. A. Jäkel

Review for greystoke

Unglaublich Tolles Erlebnis

Es war ein unglaublich tolles Erlebnis den Schimpansen so nahe zu sein.

K. & S. Clements

Review for greystoke

Special Wildlife Destination

Mahale is, without doubt, the most special wildlife destination we have visited. The talented, dedicated staff (shout out to Butati and Godfrey) bring chimpanzee society to life - and spending time with the chimps themselves is just breathtaking.

M. Bartholomew

Review for greystoke

Magical Place

A magical place where you can be disconnected and enjoy

J. Shaw

Review for greystoke

Stunning Sunsets, Pure Magic

Greystone Mahale is a gem! It’s western location on the shores of Lake Tankinyka provide a beautiful location and stunning sunsets. The entire staff is warm, friendly and professional. The observation and interaction with the chimps is pure magic! It is very clear that the guides and rangers deeply ...

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