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K. Bengel

Review for entamanu

Amazing 2 Days at Entamanu

We had amazing 2 Days at Entamanu Camp in Ngorongoro. Very nice team is working here, so helpful and friendly. Can’t describe the camp, you must book and visit to feel the nature…

H. Frontzek

Review for entamanu

Outstanding Cuisine

Kakae, our personal Guide in the Tour with a impressive local experience
Lodge and Room concept
Outstanding cuisine
Excellent Service

M. Buser

Review for entamanu

Amazing Two Nights

We had an amazing two nights with Philipo as our guide, including a visit to a nearby Maasai village with Joseph who taught us so much! The food, hospitality, and location is absolutely top notch.

D. Miles and P. Bomford

Review for entamanu

Wonderful Camp Experience

To stay at Entamanu is a treat in every way. Wonderful camp, a welcoming staff led by Jonathan, delicious food and an amazing view of The Crater. The game in the Crater is exceptional but the experience is enhanced by staying at Entamanu.

R. Warner

Review for entamanu

Loved Every Moment

Loved every moment of our stay from arrival to departure

Camps visited

J. Nachbar

Review for entamanu

Amazing Entamanu Experience

Entamanu Camp is an amazing experience. Waking up to the view of the caldera, enjoying the luxurious accommodation, and sampling the wonderful culinary creations all added to our experience of the area. All this was a bonus on top of the amazing wildlife we saw!

E. O'Boyle & F. O'Boyle

Review for entamanu

Warm and Professional Service

Our stay at Entamanu was as we have come to expect in our stays at Nomad Camps - warm and professional service, loving attention to the small details and beautiful rooms to soak in the luxury and bush.

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