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M. Kerin

Review for entamanu

Magic All Around

Entamanu was magic all around. The location, the staff, and the food, just for starters — it’s impossible to articulate how wonderful everything was. We never want to leave and already can’t wait to come back!


Review for entamanu

Beautiful and Comfortable Rooms

We are very happy to have the possibility to stay at your lodge and thankful for the experience we have made ! Very friendly staff, beautiful and comfortable rooms!

Camps visited

M. Henderson

Review for entamanu

Safari Worldwide Adventures

N/A had overview from safari worldwide adventures

M. M. Henderson

Review for entamanu

"Safari Worldwide Adventures"

N/A had overview from safari worldwide adventures

M. Cabraal

Review for entamanu

Beautiful Camp at Ngorongoro

Entamanu is a beautiful camp at Ngorongoro. Really special

V. Silverman

Review for entamanu

Magical House in Clouds

A magical house in the clouds! Lovely hosts and guides. What a magical place!

R. Rozansky

Review for entamanu

First Class Accommodations

Unexpected first class accommodations and hospitality in the middle of the wild. An amazing experience.

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