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V. Hua

Review for entamanu

Personalized Service, Great Food

it has been an amazing three days stay here. very personalized service with great food and awesome location. we really liked the system of morning call, and how everything is always carried out on time. Mohammed and his team should be proud of what they have to offer for guests. Will definitely be r...

S. Woodhams

Review for entamanu

Out of This World

A lovely place to stay and worth the bumpy ride to get here. The staff at the lodge took great care of us.  The wildlife was out of this world

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G. Treasure

Review for entamanu

Superb Camp

Add this to your bucket list. Astonishing concentration of wildlife and a superb camp. Thank you Moody and team.

E. Willi

Review for entamanu

"Extraordinary Tentsuite, Beautiful View"

Extraordinary tentsuite with a beautiful view

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B. Wavre

Review for kuro

More Recent News

Not much time to answer but I am often going on your site and would like to have more recent news of is happening (people, nature, etc)

P. Walsh

Review for kuro

Beautiful and Tranquil Camp

Nomad’s camp in Tarangire was amazingly beautiful and tranquil. We loved the room, staff and food.

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