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J. Duval

Review for lamai

Would Come Back Again

I would come back again, it was that good!

A. Duffy

Review for lamai

Memorable Personal Service

Our stay at Lamai from start to finish was made memorable by the personal service of all the staff. Laz our guide couldn’t have possibly been any better. Ellie looked after our every need. Highly recommended to anyone that is considering going on a safari holiday - this is the place to book!

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R. Wickihalter

Review for lamai

Treated as VIP

This 3 days in Lamai were amazing. We were treated as VIP like king and queen.
The atmosphere, the hospitality, and friendliness were extraordinary.
Laurance is running the camp is a very good and professonal way.
Yasin guided us to all the wild animals and we could see the big fives and others. He ...

N. Sparling

Review for lamai

Beautiful Lodge, Attentive Staff

Beautiful lodge! Attentive staff! Can’t be any better!

M. Wise and M. Spanjian

Review for lamai

Stunning Space and Landscape

Lamai is more than you can imagine. Nestled in the rocks overlooking the rolling Serengeti plains each room (as well as public area) is genuinely stunning. Elegantly styled, each detail attended to- it is a perfect space inside and out. But more than a stunning space and landscape the staff at Lamai...

S. Burkhart

Review for lamai

Unforgettable Unique Experience

An unforgettable and unique experience, we will come back!
Thank you

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