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M. Taddeo

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Special Place in Ngorongoro

A special place, situated in the ngorongoro park, wich you can see from the room. Great hospitality and very good food!

S. Ambrosin

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Stunning Location, Perfect Service

Stunning location, and perfect service

K. Purcell

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Great View of Crater

We came for a site inspection from the USA. The property is lovely with a great view of the crater, service was wonderful and the food was delicious. Definitely recommend!

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L. Carr

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Writing a Feature

I am writing a feature and will update my writeup in the Times!

C. Lingard

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Spectacular Location, Comfortable Rooms

Moody and his team looked after us extremely well in their spectacular location . They understood that after a long journey we needed a little quiet refreshment before showing us to our room and having a chat about our stay later over drinks.

Our rooms were extremely comfortable, stylish and welco...

M. Gutzeit

Review for entamanu

Stunning Experience

Stunning experience in every possible way!

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