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M.E. McCooey

Review for greystoke

Thrill and Relaxation

Greystoke will both thrill you with an up close experience with the chimps and lull you into calm relaxation in the afternoons.

G.& R. Gonzenbach

Review for greystoke

Outstanding Team of Guides

A unique location, combined with excellent hospitality and an outstanding team of guides under the leadership of Butati -it makes dreams come true!

Camps visited

A. Teichert/M. Teichert

Review for greystoke

"Professional Team, Perfect Service"

Greatful Experiences with Schimpansen, Greatful Natur with the Lake, the Mountains and the Natur, a Professional Team, which is respectful with animals and natur. Perfect Service.

M. Bright Sean Cook

Review for greystoke

Beautiful Place, Amazing Staff

Such a beautiful place. Amazing staff. I couldn’t recommend a better place

J. Calder

Review for greystoke

Magical Place Experience

Absolutely fabulous experience...a magical place..from the dhow ride across the lake, to the beauty of the location to the wonder of seeing the chimpanzees...

L. Calkins

Review for greystoke

Best Exciting Place

This was the best most exciting place. Encountering the chimpanzees was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I would definitely love to come here again in the future.

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