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N. Phillips

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

"Exceptional Serengeti Experience"

From the moment that we were greeted by Edward (our guide) at Kogatende Airstrip, to the time of our departure after four truly wonderful days at Serengeti Camp 1, we have experienced something exceptional. The location is enchanting. The accommodation is wonderfully comfortable. And every need is m...

M. Chapin

Review for entamanu-private

Magical Place to Stay

A magical place to stay. It’s a combination of camping in the wilds and luxury. Superb service.

S. Kandiah

Review for entamanu

Warm, Friendly Service

Service is so warm, friendly and timely, it made us all feel right at home. All the staff are smiley and happy, and genuinely keen to make sure we had the best experience ever! The service here far surpasses that of even one of the best lodges in Tanzania.

We loved it so much here that we had wan...

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D. Beebe

Review for lamai

Oasis of Cosy Rooms

Our family of two adults and four kids (15, 14, 12, 10) spent 3 weeks vacationing in Tanzania. Most of our trip was spent on safari in the various national parks. Staying at Lamai Serengeti midway through the trip was a nice break in the busy schedule. This was an oasis of cosy rooms, lots of privac...

N. Phillips

Review for entamanu

"Stunning New Rooms"

The Entamanu camp lodge is being transformed - with its tented rooms becoming more permanent structures. Thus, at the time of our visit, there was some limited construction work ongoing. However, this was only during the day (when guests are out at the.Crater), and was entirely out of view. As it is...

R. Posner

Review for entamanu

Amazing Camp Experience

We loved our entire Entamanu experience! It is an amazing camp staffed by a very special team.

O. Edwards

Review for mkombes-house

Special Experiences

One of the most special experiences I have ever had

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