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O. Spruit

Review for mkombes-house

One in Lifetime Experience

Staying at the Mkombe’s house was a one in a lifetime experience. From sleeping with the view and sounds of the Serengeti to discovering amazing animals in their natural habitat, everything was wonderful. All made even better by the kind & considerate staff who ensured it was a truly unique experien...

H. Edwards

Review for mkombes-house

Special Mkombe's House

Mkombe’s House is a very special place and I’d like to shout it from the rooftops but also want to keep it to myself!

D. Fuller

Review for mkombes-house

Incredible Destinations

You must let Nomad guide your choice of camps. Over the past week we have passed through three of the most incredible destinations I have ever been to. Comfortably spaced apart so the journey to each was a wonderful adventure. March is also a fantastic time to go. Temperate climate, fresh mornin...

J. Izod

Review for mkombes-house

Exceptional Holiday Experience

This was an exceptional holiday. We have never stayed in mobile camps before and were completely blown away by the high standard of accommodation, catering and general services. This appears to be a finely tuned operation and the staff and guides are so eager to assist in making our holiday a magic...

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