Using our business as a driving force, we support conservation programs that are protecting these wild but fragile ecosystems we at Nomad call home.

Wildlife protection, monitoring, & research

Human-wildlife conflict, poaching, and the illegal bushmeat trade are all sad realities in the parks where we operate. We support conservation organisations that focus on protecting wildlife species that are at risk from human encroachment.

Alternative livelihoods and environment protection

We run beekeeping projects and have set up tree nurseries and tree planting initiatives. Our composting project teaches better agriculture practices. We also make annual donations towards village easements, and we’re constantly on a quest to reduce our own waste in our camps.

Community awareness

Many communities have strained relationships with neighbouring wildlife. Alongside our alternative livelihoods training, wildlife monitoring, and ‘Watoto Go Wild’ program, we help run campaigns to change minds and encourage local ambassadors and young leaders to stand up for their wildlife, environment and national heritage.

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Nomad Initiatives

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