Fly Camping

Fly Camping

Nights out of camp and under the stars are our most complete expression of how Nomad relates to wilderness.

It’s very simple. If you really want to connect with the African bush, just put yourself right out there. Because we know the bush, and we know what’s safe and what’s comfortable, we can make this happen. We desert the lodge and walk with you into the big beyond. The further we go, the deeper the wilderness, the bigger it feels.

At some point, we come upon our camp-out spot and home for one night. There’s a murmur of voices, the fire is lit. It feels secure and cosy, though we know that only the finest line is drawn between us and wild Africa. 

In our fly camps we strip away all but the basic neccessities to get you as close to the Africa wilderness as you’ll ever want to be. We give you safety and comfort, a proper, sweet sleep under the stars, and a major bucket-list experience. 

You can fly camp in either our Sand Rivers fly camp in the Selous, or in Katavi in our Chada Katavi fly camp