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G. Kaizer

Review for entamanu

Extraordinary Walking Experiences

The lodge was beautifully designed, staff very warm and helpful, walking experiences were extraordinary.

K. Schneider

Review for entamanu

Magical African Adventure

The most magical way to experience an African adventure. A vacation of a lifetime.

N. Abedi

Review for greystoke

Chimpanzee Paradise Experience

It’s all about the chimpanzees. Great food, great hospitality and paradise like beauty can be found in many places around the world but none of those add the majestic experience of interacting with a chimpanzee community like Mahale. The fact that Nomad can give you this experience and still give ba...

T. Green

Review for kuro

Wonderful Camp Experience

Can’t say enough wonderful things about this camp! The hospitality & attention to detail were amazing! Definitely looking forward to coming back!

S. Ambrosin

Review for mkombes-house

Magic Views

Amazing property,integrated in the nature with magic views

M. Ambrosin

Review for mkombes-house

Amazing Place to Stay

It is an amazing place to stay, it has everything and it is beautiful

B. Gulman

Review for mkombes-house

Magical Stay

Thank you for a magical stay at your beautiful lodge. Everything were wonderful from the nicest people, the fantastic view and the excellent game drive and the many unforgettable memories.

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