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L. Sullivan

Gorgeous Location

Gorgeous location, very warm & kind hearted staff with delicious food and fun game drives. 10/10!

E. Aramoni

Great Place for Ngorongoro

This is a great place for enjoying Ngorongoro.

P. Bedeschi

Well Done Entamane

Very well done, like everything in Entamane

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R. Lawson

Majestic Surroundings

Beautiful accommodation in majestic surroundings

J. Cook-Ortiz

Whole Package Experience

If I’m ever lucky enough to visit Africa again, I will definitely go with Nomad. They are the whole package. You experience luxury, but they are environmentally responsible and do good things for the surrounding communities. I truly felt like I was part of something special

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A. Totten

Pure Magic Entamanu

Entamanu is pure magic. A stylish and high quality camp in the most beautiful setting. The team is so kind and welcoming, the accommodations are world class and the food is delicious. There is truly no place like it in the world.

L. Sullivan

Beautiful Accommodations & Wildlife

Entamanu is beautiful! The game drive through Ngorongoro Crater was top notch & the timing perfect. Amazing dramatic scenery and thriving with wildlife. The accommodations are my favorite design, I’ve even taken photos to get inspiration for my home! Gorgeous, quiet, lush and peaceful. The Maasai bo...

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