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Cornelius is a GEM!

Everything was PERFECT! It all exceeded our expectations. Cornelius is a GEM! We loved the "surprises" and have one planned for him as well to help with his watercolors. It really was the trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much for configuring the itinerary for us. I'm still editing the photos but would be happy to send some good ones if you're interested.

Cornelius and his vast knowledge and easy going way.

Sighting the first of the wildebeest babies in the Crater

Seeing a honey badger!

Breakfast, Lunches and Sundowners in the bush.

Cold towels and OSD's upon arrival in camp each day

Everything about the camps (staff, tents, food, drinks, fire, showers, sunrises, STARs!,  etc., etc.)

Hearing a lion kill and roaring at 3am

Drive across the plain from Nduara to Serengeti

Watching Half-Tail take a nap

Baby elephants playing in the river

273 giraffes

Zebra's braying at night trying to find their buddies

Snorkling in Zanzibar and for me (not my daughter!) the internal flights.

We are used to a slightly more rustic type of travel but at the end we had stopped trying to carry our own bags and that first morning back in Amsterdam at the Sheraton we were wondering why no one had brought us coffee yet. grin