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It was the people who made our stay there so enjoyable, and I truly mean everyone

I feel absolutely compelled to write this email to you and to the Nomad management team to express how fabulous your entire Lamai Serengeti and Serengeti Safari Camp staffs were during our recent stay at each.  In addition to the wonderful camp staffs, our guides with whom we shared 6 glorious days were fantastic and deserve recognition that a simple email will not adequately convey – Joseph, Festo and Vickie (more on these 3 shortly).

My family and I (15 of us + Richard Knocker) were fortunate enough to enjoy 3 unforgettable nights at Lamai and 2 fantastic nights at the Safari camp.  Mark, Madeline, Jana, and Nick, along with everyone at Lamai could not have more enjoyable, professional, and simply wonderful to be around.  The camp is obviously lovely with its breathtaking views.  But it was the people who made our stay there so enjoyable, and I truly mean everyone, as we made it a point to meet the entire Lamai staff since each had a hand in making our 3 days so memorable.

While we did not think it was possible for your Safari Camp staff to meet the incredibly high bar set for us by the Lamai staff, they did.  Again the camp itself was spectacular, however it was the amazing people that staffed it who made our stay so very memorable.  Each person was more pleasant the next (an impossible feat) and each was so very interesting.  I will forever recall not only John’s everlasting smile from dawn until dark, but also just how much we all enjoyed speaking with him about a multitude of topics.  Being in the hospitality business, I can only wish that I had 1 staff member like John.

Now back to our guides – Joseph, Festo and Vickie.  Spending 6 days with anyone in close quarters, or in this case jeeps, can either make the experience a very good one or can kill it.  These 3 incredible persons helped make our time in Tanzania much more memorable than it would have been without them.  Yes, each proved to be a very skilled guide and great teacher of plant and animal life along with the symbiotic relationships between them, but perhaps more importantly they became our friend.  None in our group can adequately express how much we enjoyed spending time with Joseph, Festo and Vickie.

As I alluded to earlier, these written words cannot properly convey our sincere gratitude to each member of the Lamai and Safari Camp staffs, as well as to our new friends (Joseph, Festo and Vickie), for making our trip “the trip of a lifetime”.  It is we who are the fortunate ones to have had the opportunity to meet these wonderfully talented people and spend 6 unforgettable days with them.  I would greatly appreciate you passing on my (and our group’s) tremendous gratitude to the camps staffs, as well as to Joseph, Festo and Vickie.