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This was a dream come true for all of us

My mom especially, as she has idolized Jane Goodall her entire life. We loved it. We LOVE the new managers, and it is truly, truly paradise because of the chimps, the stunning setting, outstanding food and impeccable decor - and again, first and foremost, because of the people who work there. Greystoke is just spectacular, there is nowhere else on earth like it. It looked like we were living inside of a magazine spread, and felt like we were the luckiest people alive to be there. I think the fact that the managers have no background in hospitality, they just loved visiting Greystoke as guests themselves so much that they left their jobs and lives in Germany to come live there and manage it, speaks to how special a place it is. (And for having no experience in the hospitality industry, they were some of the greatest managers we've ever had the pleasure of staying with, Nomad is lucky to have them. They fit within the Nomad brand and raised the bar for Nomad properties! And Lamai is a tough act to follow! We just adored them.) We also felt like the luckiest guests in the world to have Mwiga as our guide, who had worked at Greystoke for over 2 decades (24 years I think?), and whose uncle had originally helped habituate the chimps. He was beyond knowledgeable, hilarious and kind. And told the greatest stories!