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A trip of a lifetime to the Serengeti & Selous

We had an absolutely incredible trip, worth every penny of the fifteen years of saving for it! Just amazing and wonderful in every way. The camps and staff were delightful and fascinating, and I think God got out all his best animals just for us.

The day at Ngorongoro was astonishing. It wasn't very crowded at all and we saw about every type of animal that lives there, including elephants munching in the mist right by the track, front row seats for lions mating, and a couple hyenas scavenging around a kill, scoring the wildebeest's tail. We could have gone home happy after just that one day!

We loved the NT camps, the personally delivered hot water for washing and showers, the morning wake-up drinks, the nighttime hot water bottles in bed, the walk in the bush, the surprise sundowner at a kopje, the Maasai boma, the night game drive, the view of the animals passing in the distance at Ndutu, and the quiet touched with birdsong, although we were a bit disconcerted by the lions roaring in the night. We're fairly certain they were right outside our tent....

Sand Rivers was just gorgeous, in spite of the heat. We enjoyed just as much hanging around that incredibly beautiful open-air lodge with the hippos and crocs, watching the golden weaver build a nest and the monitor lizard catch bugs and the monkeys trying to steal what they could, as we enoyed the game drives and parking our vehicle with the pride of lions. Kate and Cameron were gracious hosts and solicitous of our needs.

We loved all the animals and the birds, and we especially loved our wonderful guides Gabriel and Emmanuel! They knew just where to go to find animals and what the animals were likely to be up to. They also knew plants and birds and everything else around. They could answer every question we asked them (and I asked them a lot)! Our guides spoke highly of NT in general and were complimentary of the training and support they receive.

Thanks for all the work from your end to make this trip happen for us. We will be telling all our friends and family about our safari, and if any express the slightest interest in doing it themselves, we will send them straight to you.