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Chada & Greystoke - phenomenal

Just spoken to Mrs W who's just back from their amazing trip to Western Tanzania with you guys. They had a really amazing time, just spent the last half hour telling me how wonderful absolutely every aspect of the trip was.

They loved Katavi, teeming with wildlife and the sense of immensity and remoteness was amazing. They said the managers there, Mark and Kristin were really superb and are doing a fantastic job of looking after the camp, the guests and the staff - apparently it's really clear that the staff love them, and the whole place has a feel of a very happy ship, which really rubs off on clients. The atmosphere at Chada was wonderful and felt like a big house party!

Guides at both Chada and Greystoke were really superb, always friendly and very efficient.

They loved Greystoke, "phenomenal" they called it and loved the chimps. They were lucky not to have to trek too far to find them, and endeared to find a family of warthogs nesting at the front of their banda taking advantage of the water that's put out to rinse your feet! smile

Their questionnaire says this trip was their best to date!

Audley Travel - November 2010