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We found Shangri-la on safari in remote Tanzania

In February 2012 we took our first safari. We fell in love with Africa but vowed to find a less congested alternative to the crowded northern Tanzania safari circuit. Thankfully, we were introduced to Nomad by Bill Given at The Wild Source. We were soon on our way back to Africa and the remote Tanzanian National Parks of Ruaha, Katavi and Mahale.  We arrived at the end of the dry season (October 2012) when wildlife was concentrated near the few remaining sources of water. Animals were everywhere.
Chada Library Tent

At Chada, our guide (Anaphi) took us on game drives where we rarely saw another person. It was truly awesome. We spent hours – just the three of us – observing the Chada and the Katisunga lion prides feeding on zebra, buffalo and elephant. At day’s end, camp managers Jackie and Justin were always waiting to welcome us back to camp and to make sure we knew our bush showers awaited. Our tents were far more comfortable than we ever expected. The food was absolutely first rate. Unfortunately, our four days passed too rapidly and we were off to Mahale.

“M” Group Chimps in Camp our 1st Day