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...what an amazing experience!

Our accomodation was to die for!
Hearing the hippos underneath our balcony at night; the general sense of involvement, could it be bettered?? I don't think so!

We were hugely impressed with our guide, Emmanuel, who didn't simply give out his extensive knowledge, but did so in a way which was so involving and exciting as to make the experience so much greater than it otherwise might have been.

We were very fortunate to see all that we saw. This included all the creatures which one would hope, and to some extent might 'expect', to see (if that's reasonable in 50,000 sq km of terrain!....but you know what I mean!) i.e. Elephant, Impala, Giraffe, Baboon, Crocodiles, Hippos, Zebra and even Lions, plus the most wonderful birds, etc. However we were fortunate enough also to see Wild Dogs, which I understand are pretty rare sightings!

Wonderful river trip as well which we greatly enjoyed.

We adored the fly camping!
What an amazing experience! We felt so privileged to share this fantastic environment with the 'local inhabitants' of Lake Tagalala who didn't seem to mind our presence!
At sundown, we witnessed an incredible Hippo fight right in front of us, no more than 100m away! Then at night, the eyes of the crocs lit by torchlight was more akin to Blackpool illuminations than the African bush!
I had just turned in for the night as Emamanuel advise that he had spotted a Leopard! I leapt out of the tent in just my boxers, no shoes, and saw by torchlight the leapard about 50m away prowling after 3 impala before him! What a privilege!!

Mark and Kristen were simply delightful. Mark very helpfully arranged with his taxi driver for us to meet up with a 'friendly face' in the form of Yusef when we ultimately arrived in Dar after Fundu Lagoon. This worked out really well; please make sure you thank Mark for this; it was really appreciated!